Who we are:

Ecobill Consultants Ltd was formed in the year 2008 and attained its registration in Kenya in the year 2013 with the aim of providing the full range of financial, contract management and advisory services in areas of Quantity Surveying, Projects and Construction Management, and Green-building Consultancy Services to Developers of Building and Civil Engineering projects in Kenya and the East African region against the background of the existing professional consultancy framework in Kenya. Ecobill Consultants Ltd has a rich More

background in all aspects of Quantity Surveying, Project Management and Sustainable design consultancy. The partners have individually or as a team handled a wide spectrum of projects of varying complexity and size, involving different types of Clients. This has exposed them fully to the intricacies of project planning, documentation, control, procurement and contract procedure. The working policy of firm emphasizes high professional standards and ability to respond quickly to project/client needs.

Our approach:

Ecobill Consultants Ltd uses a working approach whereby the partners utilize their wealth of knowledge and experience to attend personally to matters relating to all projects under their care. The other professional staffs act as assistants to the partners and work under their direction and close supervision to build exposure and experience in them as well.

Ecobill Consultants Ltd prides itself with a very able and resilient professional team (Eco-TEAM) which is well grounded in all aspects of Built Environment and use of modern information technology. This level of exposure in addition to the basic academic and professional qualifications is crucial for the successful realization of a project and more so the very large and complex projects we have today. Over and above the technical capacity outlined above, Ecobill Consultants Ltd offices are fully equipped and computerized with modern IT Supported programs for project management. This greatly enhances the efficiency of the personnel and substantially reduces response time.

Our Class:

Our distinctive sense of class is achieved through:
  • Global best practice – We are involved and engaged with people, standards and ideas that define emerging global best practices.
  • Learning & Sharing – We focus on the unique needs of our clients. We listen and learn from both the Client, project and other consultants of the design team and ensure that the lessons benefit both current and future projects. This enables us to provide an ex-factor in consultancy and enable us deviate from traditional routine practices.
  • Innovative business models– We carry out research and use neurotic tools that enable our clients beat the market by up to 25%. With estimate-based consultant costs and an incentive structure that promotes optimal design and savings, we pride ourselves in enabling our clients to get “more building” out of their constrained budgets.